Trans YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous Has A Big Announcement: ‘I’m A Lesbian’

Gigi Gorgeous has just released “an extremely personal video and one that I never expected to make on my YouTube channel,” revealing she hasn’t been ready to talk about her sexuality — until now.

When viewers first met the Canadian YouTuber, she was known as “Gregory Gorgeous”, amassing a huge online following for makeup tutorials. As time passed, viewers noticed her features becoming more feminine until she revealed she was transitioning into a woman (reportedly with the help of the same plastic surgeon who worked on Caitlyn Jenner).

As she began living openly as a woman, she would share stories of boyfriends, and recently revealed she has a girlfriend, followed by her latest announcement: “I’m a lesbian,” she declares.

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“I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and examining on who I am and who I’ve become and the changes that I’ve gone through, mentally” she explains, “and I fell in love with somebody. And that person happens to be female.”

She admits that after her two previous coming-out videos — one in which she came out as a gay man, another coming out as trans — that “I thought I was done. I thought that was it,” adding: “From this point forward I am a lesbian.”

Watch as she explains the latest transition in her ever-evolving life:



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