And Then There Were Three After ‘Big Brother’ Eviction Shocker

SPOILER ALERT: Read no further unless you want to learn the identity of the houseguest sent packing in this week’s “Big Brother” live eviction episode, or, if you’re on the west coast, where the episode has yet to air.













We’re in the home stretch now, “Big Brother” fans, with the season 18 finale a mere week away, and tonight brought us another eviction you may not have seen coming when Nicole and Corey found themselves on the block.

After the brief vote, it was Corey who was sent home when James cast the deciding vote, leaving Paul, James and Nicole as the final three.

In his exit interview, Corey admitted he was surprised to be the evictee. “Honestly, it feels like it’s one of James’ worst pranks ever,” he told host Julie Chen in his exit interview. “I thought he was my boy.”

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He added: “I am a little bit surprised. I love James. We’ve been like this for a long time now, I’ve had his back and we’ve trusted each other and worked together. But I’m happy for Nicole, she totally deserves to be in that final three seat.”

As for whether he made the right moves for his game, Corey said: “Yes and no. It’s good for his game in some ways, but hopefully Nicole goes in there and beats both those guys.”

Tune in on Friday for a special episode that will determine the final Head of Household, followed by the season finale of “Big Brother” airing on Wednesday, Sept. 21 on Global. You can also watch full episodes online.



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