After Joshua Jackson split up with longtime girlfriend Diane Kruger, did he suddenly dive into a relationship with Ruth Wilson, his co-star on “The Affair”?

That’s what some tabloids suggested after photos of the pair together emerged, claiming that the former “Fringe” star had immediately rebounded into the arms of Wilson.

Rumours of a relationship are not true, Wilson declares in a new interview with Vanity Fair, admitting she’s finding answering questions about the topic to be tiresome.

“It is boring gossip,” she says. “You can tell from that photo that we’re friends.”

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However, the British actress says she tries to take things in stride. “I just sort of go, ‘All right, well, whatever, I have to keep answering.'”

In fact, she’s perfectly happy to not beat around the bush and provide an adamant denial. “If you want an answer about whether we’re dating or not, ‘no’ is the absolute truth. We all go out a lot,” she says of Jackson and co-stars Maura Tierney and Dominic West. “We’re four Irish-Catholic actors who happen to be on a show together, and that means we like a drink and we like to have a good time. So all four of us go out.”

Wilson is notoriously protective of her personal life, and aims to keep it that way.

“People don’t know what goes on in my private life, so they have to make conjecture from something that is photographed,” she explains. “You don’t actually know if I’m single or not. You haven’t asked that question, and I haven’t told you that answer. I don’t talk about it.”