Austin Mahone’s new song featuring Rich Homie Quan is raising eyebrows over the track’s questionable content.

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The premise of “Send It” is rather clear and the song’s chorus say it all: “Send it to my phone, send it to my phone / You already know I keep it on the low / Baby, you can trust me, promise I’m alone / I won’t tell a soul, send it to my phone.”

And Rich Homie Quan’s verse takes things a step further: “”Okay now send it to my phone like a message that’s unread / Send it to my phone, new nude picture, open leg / Hope they ready / Austin Mahone got ’em motivated.”

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Critics are calling out Mahone’s subject matter, concerned with the fact that the artist’s audience consists of many underage and teenage girls. A lot of his fan’s are showing support for the new single:

While others were disappointed in the song’s nature:

Watch the song’s official lyric video for yourself.