Seth Rogen And Ellen DeGeneres Convince Carrie Underwood To Do The Chicken Dance

There’s no doubt about it, Carrie Underwood is always a good sport.

When the American country star made her latest appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday,  she was asked to perform the “chicken dance” and wholeheartedly embraced the challenge. The odd request emerged as part of Ellen DeGeneres’s new game “You Must Say”, where the television personality’s previous guest, Seth Rogen suggested what the host should say.

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“I wanted to get [Carrie] to do something physically,” Rogen told DeGeneres. “So my instinct was for you to say, ‘Now I hear you’re great at the chicken dance, we have no music, but now is the time to show us.” He continued, “I want to see if she does it.”

While Underwood took on the awkward challenge, the mother of one got another special surprise in honour of her 10th appearance on the show. During her sit-down interview with DeGeneres, Underwood was almost knocked out of her seat when a look-a-like of her husband Mike Fisher dressed in hockey gear suddenly appeared out of a box. See the hilarious moment below.



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