Kanye West Slams The Non-Believers: ‘I Will F**king Laser You With Alien F**king Eyes’

Kanye West has a message for the haters, and it has something to do with his laser-shooting eyes.

While speaking with Lynn Hirschberg from W magazine, the heavily opinionated rapper let loose on the fashion industry, venting his frustrations that people often don’t take him seriously.

Making a reference to Disney’s 2012 animated film “Wreck-It Ralph”, he said, “Okay, so you know when Penelope puts together her car? And she’s like, ‘Made it myself,’ and everybody that has professional cars, they say, ‘Look at you with your little car and you’re going to do this,’ and then they break her car, right? That’s basically the fashion world to me.”

The rapper continued, “I refuse people who write me off as some rich kid taking a hobby, fashion as a f**king hobby or a fashion plate. Very few people even knew that I have a fucking Ph.D. in art, you know? And not that that would even make the difference, but me saying that makes the difference to the exact people I’m talking to it’s, like, shut the f**k up. I will f**king laser you with alien f**king eyes and explode your f**king head.”

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Throughout the interview, West continually made comparisons of himself with other people both real and fictional. One notable mention was to Will Ferrell and his character Buddy in “Elf”.

“I’m the elf that’s Will Ferrell, that’s too big for his hands to make the toys,” he said. “But he wants to make the toys. Why? Not just so he could play with them, but he wants to bring joy to the world. I am the creator and it’s my responsibility.”

West’s frustrations against the fashion industry were heard just months before his Yeezy Season 4 presentation at Roosevelt Island, which opened the door to heavy criticism from the fashion community. Most notably, attendees were upset that the show began two hours late and models reportedly fainted from the heat.



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