This Week In Music Videos: Luke Bryan, Future & First Rate Country Diva Badassery

Hi! Welcome to another freshly prepared edition of This Week In Music Videos, the weekly ET Canada blog feature where we reveal that a secret cabal of lizard people have infil— showcase the biggest, boldest and brightest music videos that have tumbled out into the world over the past seven days.

(Well, aside from the videos featured in our daily coverage. Did you see that Robin Thicke has a new one out now with text messaging and the like? Click on that friendly hyperlink to check out our post about it.)

Alright, let’s hop to it.

Luke Bryan – Roller Coaster Attractive country guy Luke Bryan offers up a story of young romance in this brand new video, but completely drops the ball on including shots of actual roller coasters. MISLEADING! WHEN THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU HEARS ABOUT THIS…

Martina McBride – If You Don’t Know Me By Now Is this better than David Brent’s version of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now?”; No, but that’s a tough standard to live up to. (To be fair, both videos appear to have similar budgets.)

Nina Persson – Food For The Beast Cardigans/A Camp frontwoman Nina Persson debuted her pipin’ hot new solo promo on Stereogum this week. The visual accompaniment for this dreamy disco-esque cut does a fantastic job of reminding the viewer that Nina is one remarkably captivating figure. Really, she has the sort of charisma where you would be weirdly excited to help her move. What’s that, Nina? You need this giant smelly Rubbermaid container of old copies of Reader’s Digest hauled up six flights of stairs? No problem!

Future – Side Effects When was the last time you performed a song about your fiancée on a private jet? NEVER? How are you going to have a strong marriage without aircraft-related serenading? Consider “Side Effects”; (a bonus cut from Future’s critically adored sophomore album Honest) a helpful PSA.

New Swears – Candy Land Lovable Ottawa hoser punks New Swears lay waste to a rival faction in a goofily gruesome fashion in their new “Candy Land”; clip. Not recommended if you’re squeamish around cartoony hammer violence, but totally recommended if you like to see bare-chested dudes beat the ketchup outta their enemies.

Brody Dalle – Don’t Mess With Me Brody Dalle may want to consider buying an umbrella. Y’know, some chicken wire wouldn’t hurt either. Or maybe (and we’re just spitballing here) Brody should look into exiting the room where objects and fluids are being launched at her non-stop.

Miranda Lambert featuring Carrie Underwood – Somethin’ Bad Heists! Wigs! Miscellaneous badassery! This action-minded clip even features a bit where the two country megastars do that ultra-cool nonchalant stroll towards a waiting helicopter thing. THEY COULDN’T BE LESS CHALANT ABOUT IT!

That wraps things up for this week’s installment of TWIMV, but we’ll be back next week with another carefully curated set of new clips.

Play us out, Sila and the Smoke Frees!



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