Neil Young Protests Dakota Pipeline With New Song, Video

We can count Neil Young among the celebrities lending their voices to protest the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline project, and the veteran Canadian rocker has gone one step further by writing a new song in support of the cause.

In the video for “Indian Giver” — which Young posted on YouTube on Saturday and then deleted shortly after — film of Young driving in a car is intercut with news footage of the protests and police response.

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According to Rolling Stone, Young wrote the song within the past two weeks, as it references Dale “Happy” American Horse Jr., who was arrested on Aug. 31 after chaining himself to a piece of equipment.

The reason behind the video’s subsequent disappearance, however, remains a mystery, but before the video was pulled, Stereogum was able to publish the lyrics to “Indian Giver”:

There’s a battle raging on the sacred land
Our brothers and sisters have to take a stand
Against us now for what we all been doing
On the sacred land there’s a battle brewing

I wish somebody would share the news

Now it’s been about 500 years
We keep taking what we gave away
Just like what we call Indian givers
It makes you sick and gives you shivers

I wish somebody would share the news

Big money going backwards and ripping the soil
Where graves are scattered and blood was boiled
When all who look can see the truth
But they just move on and keep their groove

I wish somebody would share the news

Saw Happy locked to the big machine
They had to cut him loose and you know what that means
That’s when Happy went to jail
Behind big money justice always fails

I wish somebody would share the news

Bring back the days when good was good
Lose these imposters in our neighborhood
Across our farms and through our waters
All at the cost of our sons and daugthers

Our brave sons and daughters
We’re all here together fighting poison waters
Standing against the evil way
That’s what we have at the end of day

I wish somebody would share the news



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