Kevin Spacey Can’t Get To The Party In Tom Odell’s Mind-Bending Video For ‘Here I Am’

Kevin Spacey just can’t seem to make it to the party in the mind-bending new music video for Tom Odell’s latest single, “Here I Am”.

A desperate Spacey finds himself climbing flight-after-flight of stairs, desperate to make it to a party he just can’t seem to get to.  Chased by a mysterious person, the legendary actor continues to climb stairs in search of the strobing house party, losing himself along the way.

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“Here I Am” is the latest single by the UK singer-songwriter off his second album, “Wrong Crowd”.

Odell is currently on tour and will make three stops in Canada in October, hitting Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Watch the video for “Here I Am” featuring Spacey below.



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