‘Survivor’ Alums Release Trailer For New Reality Show ‘Mana’

Two different generations of “Survivor” alums team up to launch a new reality television series.

Joe Anglim, a favourite on the most recent series of “Survivor” and first season finalist Kelly Wiglesworth have a new project worlds away from scheming and backstabbing.

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The two reality competition stars told People what their new travel show “Mana” is all about: “The idea really stemmed from our first time meeting on ‘Survivor’. We both talked about our love of nature travel and the ways in which we both like to challenge and push ourselves. We had a lot in common,” said Anglim.

“Mana” will see the pair travel across the world in search of local experiences far away from mainstream tourism. The show’s description says they will experience: “other cultures, customs, rituals and rites of passage in search of ways to improve and heal the mind, body and soul.”

The two will be joined by Wiglesworth’s 3-year-old son Rio, who is already a world class traveller. He is a duel citizen of the U.S. and Mexico, plus he understands five different languages.

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Wiglesworth ellaborated on how “Survivor” lead to the pairs’ strong chemistry: “We both love Survivor’ because it pushes our minds, bodies, and will. Survivor is a tough, brutal, and incredibly stressful environment, and we’re continuing to learn how to become more adaptable.”

No word yet on where or when the show will premiere.





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