Kristen Bell And Ellen DeGeneres Reveal Spice Girls ‘Audition Tape’ In Funny Skit

Spice Girls, you may have just found your two newest members.

It was recently announced the Spice Girls are reuniting on tour; however, Posh and Sporty will be absent. In light of this, the famed girl group is looking for two new members — so why not Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres?

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The two threw their names into the mix with a hilarious cover of the Spice Girls’ number one hit song “Wannabe”.

In the video, Bell rocked her hardest while DeGeneres showed off a very particular skill: “We’re the perfect choice for the new Spice Girls…  I know a lot of spices: smoked paprika, rosemary, thyme, chili peppers, nutmeg, oregano,” DeGeneres explained.

The 36-year-old “Good Place” actress co-hosted the new episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”: “I talk all the time and no one is usually listening, so I’m excited to be here and talk.”

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Other highlights from the show include Emmy award-winning talk show host John Oliver and Olympic icon Michael Phelps.




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