Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Irina Shayk will make her acting debut as Dwayne “The Rock”; Johnson’s wife in Hercules, and if you don’t like her performance, too bad. “I don’t care about people’s opinions, and neither does [boyfriend] Cristiano [Ronaldo]. Some people like you; some people hate you. You have to be strong,”; she says in the new issue of Maxim, which features images of the 28-year-old model posing on the beach.

It’s not entirely clear what method of transportation Maxim used to get Shayk to the beach, but whatever vehicle they used, we have a pretty good idea of where Shayk sat on it. “I never take the backseat,”; she says. “Maybe if you’re lucky, you can have a front seat, too.”;

The new issue of Maxim is on newsstands now.

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