Corey Feldman Talks Viral Performance: ‘I’m A Real Person, I’m Made Of Blood And Flesh’

Corey Feldman is keeping his head high after his “Today” show performance went ridiculously viral.

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Stopping by “The Talk”, Feldman said he felt great after the performance of his new single “Go 4 It”: “I feel great… I’m very, very critical, so I always beat myself up after every performance…by the way, no lip syncing!”

Feldman said his biggest goal was to show people a piece of himself: “I wanted people to see I’m not a fake. I’m a real person… I am made of blood and flesh, and I cry.”

He even brought a copy of his new album for Sharon Osbourne, who criticised his performance, and the other hosts. Addressing the online feedback and critics of his music, Feldman explained: “Not everybody’s gonna love what I do… but those 10 million views on the internet are definitely gonna add up, so thank you to all the haters!”

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The former beloved child star shocked the Internet with his funky dance moves and musical performance on the “Today” show.






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