Things Get Steamy On ‘The Bachelorette Canada’, One Spark Fizzles Out

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead about the latest episode of “The Bachelorette Canada”, take your rose and read ahead — at your own risk. 










Episode two of “The Bachelorette Canada” opened plenty of new avenues for love, and lips were locked for better or worse. Things kicked off with a one-on-one date, as Jasmine invited Thomas for some fun on the beach: “I picked Thomas because he is a dreamboat and I think that there’s a lot under the surface”.

The pair took a dune buggy ride and arrived on the sandy coast. Thomas revealed how he got into modelling after suffering a serious injury while working construction. He explained how he fell off a roof and broke both his ankles. While being confined in a wheelchair, he decided to use the accident as motivation to turn his life around and see the world.

His story did him wonders, as he was presented with a rose and the two embraced with a kiss. They took a dip in the ocean, camera panning away as the pair once again locked lips.

Back at the resort, an interesting dynamic developed between the men, as the buff dudes and brainiacs separated. Some tension developed, as 3o-year-old inventor Chris told the camera: “There’s more I think about in the day than just what I’m eating and what I look like.”

On the brawny side of things, Drew took a disliking to Chris: “There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way… I just don’t trust him.”

Group date! Chris, Kevin P, Scott, Seth, Benoit, Mike and Drew are invited on the first group date. This week’s challenged involved splitting the men into two groups, who would then have to write and perform a Reggae song with help from Jamaican stars Tanto Metro and Devonte. Team One: Drew, Mike, Benoit and Scott v.s. Team Two: Chris, Seth, Kyle and Kevin P.

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Drew constantly complained about his inability to sing and was visibly on-edge going into the competition. First up was the Bachelor Quartet (Team One) and they were laughably terrible. What followed was a surprisingly decent performance from group number two, The Jasmines.

Moving foward to Jasmine’s small date with the winning team, Jasmine pulled aside Seth (who she insisted looked like dreamy Justin Trudeau). Seth revealed his shyness to her, leading to Jasmine locking lips with her second male contestant of the episode. The kissing was so awkward that you can could hear Jasmine talking throughout it: “Not so much tongue.”

Speaking to the camera, Jasmine explained how she may have been building up this imaginary expectation of Seth: “Am I imaging this chemistry?”

Kevin P interrupted Seth smack dab in the middle of the awkward make out sesh, stealing his spot on the couch. Kevin P asked Jasmine about her long term intentions on the show, to which she was pleasantly surprised. She voiced how no other man had yet asked her honest and serious questions. Just as the two were bonding, big Kyle snuck his way into the conversation and stole Jasmine out from underneath Kevin P.

At the end of the date, a confident Seth was shocked as Jasmine rewarded Kevin P with a rose.

In the second group date — Andrew, Mikhel, JP, Wale and Kevin W. took on one another in a manly game of sand wrestling. The tournament finale ended with JP, a former high school wrestler, tossing former marine (and James Marsden look-a-like) Kevin W. out of the ring. Shortly into a game of Truth or Dare after the competition, Kevin slyly snatched Jasmine away for a one-on-one. It was here that Jasmine revealed a deep secret: her father’s passing as a result of alcoholism at the age of 12 — that breakthrough lead to Kevin W. being rewarded with a rose.

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During the Rose Ceremony, Mikhel and Jasmine had a pretty deep conversation. She explained how the 28-year-old aviation engineer doesn’t quite realize how much of a Superman he is. The two kissed and the Bachelorette described it as: “Exactly what I wanted it to be.”

Ultimately Wale, who never made much of an impact, and awkward-kissing Seth were eliminated at the Rose Ceremony. A little show ending drama saw Jasmine roll her eyes at Seth as he proclaimed: “I just don’t think the connection was there, okay?”

“The Bachelorette Canada” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network; stay tuned after the show each week for “The Bachelorette Canada After Show”, in which Jennifer Valentyne and ET Canada’s Erin Cebula break down all the drama in each week’s episode.



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