Kanye West Buries The Hatchet With Kid Cudi After Vicious Twitter Rant

Kid Cudi shocked fans when the rapper went on a Twitter rampage last week, blasting some of the biggest names in hip hop in a series of inflammatory tweets blasting Drake and Kanye West, calling them out for collaborating with multiple writers on tracks.

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He began his Twitter tirade with a photo of a page in a book, a chapter entitled “When Collaboration Kills Creativity.”

He followed that up with a few more, calling the practice of using multiple writers “fake” and specifically referencing “Ye and Drake,” conceding “they don’t give a f*** about me.” Ironically, Cudi actually has a history as one of the collaborators he’s now trashing, having worked with West on several albums after being signed to Kanye’s label, and even continuing to work together after he left the label in 2013.

Yeezy was clearly not pleased with his former friend, interrupting a concert with a tirade of his own, telling the crowd: “Don’’t ever mention ‘Ye name, I birthed you!”

Drake also had a few choice words to send over during his show, telling the rapper, “You need to Cud-ittt!”

However, West now appears to have had a change of heart of Kid Cudi, and launched into an onstage speech during his Houston show to declare “Kid Cudi is my brother,” even lauding him as the most influential artist of the past decade. Watch:



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