Sarah Paulson Reflects On Her Long-Awaited Emmy Win In Variety

Gracing the cover of Variety with her new (and rightly deserved) token of peer admiration, “American Horror Story” star Sarah Paulson gets candid about the honour, her future and her director Ryan Murphy.

“He wanted [success] for me because I think he really sees me,” the actress says of Murphy. Adding, “He wanted it for me because deep down he’s one of the more vulnerable, caring, gentle people you could possibly meet.”

But the director says he’s “simply taping into Paulson’s preternatural talents,” explaining that the actress is “a chameleon,” able to disappear into whatever role he imagines for her.

And there’s been a few doozies! During her time as Murphy’s muse on “American Horror Story”, Paulson has transformed herself into a ghost of a drug addict, a blind witch, a nun and conjoined twins.

The 68th annual Emmys saw Murphy’s other project “The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” get the love it so rightly deserves, raking in five trophies.


Taking home the hardware for Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Supporting Actor and Outstanding Limited Series (to name a few) Murphy says Paulson’s win for Outstanding Lead Actress was “the proudest moment of [his] career.”

Adding that he was “always disappointed when Sarah didn’t win,” in prior Emmy races, adding that this year it was “meant to happen because Marcia won.”

That Marcia would be Marcia Clarke, who Paulson portrayed in the fictional recounting of the infamous O.J. Simpson trial.

So what’s next for the Emmy-winner? Paulson sums it up perfectly saying that the biggest payoff of winning is new projects.

“This means someone else will ask me to do something great,” the actress says.

And just to get your hopes up, the last time Paulson put that into the universe, telling Variety she “want[ed] to be in the all-female ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ with Sandra Bullock,” Sandra called.



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