Debra Messing Begs Viewers To Forgive Harry Connick Jr. — For Cheating On Her ‘Will & Grace’ Character!

Debra Messing turned to TV viewers today with an urgent plea, begging us to please, please, please forgive Harry Connick Jr. for cheating on her!

If you’re wracking your brain trying to recall when he cheated on her — or, for that matter, whether the two were ever a couple — then relax, because Messing is referring to the time Connick’s character on “Will & Grace” was unfaithful to her character on the hit sitcom.

As fans will recall, Connick played the recurring role of Leo Markus, Grace’s boyfriend and then husband, and during an appearance on his new talk show, the “Harry” host noted that even after all these years he keeps running into people who are still ticked off about his make-believe infidelity.

“I got into so much trouble almost on a daily basis because people thought that, I, Harry, cheated on you as well as Leo cheated on you. People really think that stuff is real,” explained Connick. “Actually, people would come up to me and say, ‘I hate Leo because of that.’ Then they would say, ‘I hate Harry because of that.'”

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Added Connick: “They’d say, ‘You cheated on Grace.’ [I’d say], ‘You know that’s a TV show right?’ We need to set the record straight that Debra and Harry love each other very much. Grace and Leo had some problems and I need you to help clarify.”

To help make her former co-star’s life a bit easier, Messing delivered a hilarious PSA begging the viewing public to forgive Connick, and draw the distinction between the actor and his role.

“I just want to make this perfectly clear. He’s not really Dr. Leo Markus, he’s Harry freaking Connick freaking Jr.” Messing declared. “Please, America it’s time to let this go. Stop harassing Harry Connick Jr. It wasn’t real.” Watch:

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