Zach Galifianakis And Hillary Clinton Get Weird On ‘Between Two Ferns’

U.S. President Barack Obama has demonstrated his keen sense of humour on numerous talk show appearances, but arguably the funniest (and certainly the strangest) was when he sat down with Zach Galifiankis to explain Obamacare on faux talk show “Between Two Ferns”.

As the presidential race heats up, Hillary Clinton is following in Obama’s footsteps by appearing with “The Hangover” star, who kicks things off by attempting to scare the candidate, Ellen DeGeneres-style, which winds up getting him tackled and thrown to the floor by Secret Service agents.

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Things quickly get even weirder.

“When you see how well it works for Donald Trump, do you ever think to yourself, ‘Oh maybe I should be more racist?’” Galifianakis asks. “When he’s elected president, and Kid Rock is secretary of state, are you going to move to Canada? Or one of the Arctics?”

“I would stay in the United States. I would try to prevent him from destroying the United States,” Clinton replies.

“So you’re going to lead the civil war?” queries the host

“No, I wouldn’t take up arms,” explains Clinton.

“Oh right,” notes Galifianakis, “because you were saying before we were rolling that you wanted to take away everyone’s guns.” Watch the bizarro interview right here:




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