‘Jumanji’ Star Karen Gillan Defends Her Skimpy Costume: ‘There Is A Reason’

After Dwayne Johnson tweeted the first cast image from his “Jumanji” reboot, online users were quick to point out that former “Doctor Who” actress Karen Gillan sported some pretty skimpy clothing compared to her male co-stars.

While Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Johnson look properly-dressed for a jungle adventure, Gillan is shown wearing a crop-top and short-shorts.  After the outcry over her costume, Gillan took to Twitter to defend her character’s style, writing there is a reason behind her attire.

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“Yes I’m wearing child-sized clothes and YES there is a reason!,” she explained in a tweet.  “The pay off is worth it, I promise.”

Johnson also weighed in, tweeting that a little trust was required on the part of viewers and that it will all make sense when the movie is released in July of next year.



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