Tom Hardy is heading to the small screen in the new miniseries “Taboo”.

Set in 1814, Hardy stars as James Keziah Delaney, a man who has returned home to London following a journey into the deepest parts of the African continent. Discovering he has inherited a mysterious legacy from his father, Delaney must quickly learn to navigate through dark territories and escape his enemies when he finds himself in a face-off against the East India Company as he wages a war between Britain and America.

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This isn’t the first time Hardy has ventured into the world of television.  Early on in his career he had a part in the ensemble war drama “Band Of Brothers” opposite other young up-and-comers including Michael Fassbender, Damian Lewis, James McAvoy, Dominic Cooper and Simon Pegg.  More recently, the “Mad Max: Fury Road” star has appeared opposite Cillian Murphy in the British gangster epic “Peaky Blinders”.

Not only is Hardy the star, he also co-created the series with his father, Chips Hardy, and his “Locke” director-writer Steven Knight.  Executive-produced by Ridley Scott, the gritty series will debut on FX in early 2017.  Watch the new teaser trailer below.