One of the hottest TV shows of the 1980s is preparing for a comeback, with ABC working on what’s described as a “sequel” to “Magnum P.I.”.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the network is partnering with producers John Rogers (creator of “Leverage”) and Eva Longoria (of “Desperate Housewives” fame) for a reboot of the iocnic series.

This new series, however, won’t be chronicling the crime-solving adventures of a geriatric Thomas Magnum (played in the original by Tom Selleck) or a new actor in the iconic role, but will focus on the PI daughter of the original Magnum.

“The potential series is described as an action-packed drama in the same style of the original,” reports THR. “It follows Magnum’s daughter, Lily ‘Tommy’ Magnum, who returns to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father’s PI firm. She and her tribe of friends mix tropical beaches with the seedy underbelly of international crime and modern espionage, even as she tries to unravel the mystery of the blown spy operation that ended her career in Navy intelligence.”

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As viewers with sharp memories will recall, Magnum actually did have a daughter in the original series, who appeared in four episodes. Raised by Magnum’s ex-wife and her second husband, Lily was reunited with her birth father after the deaths of the parents who raised her. It’s unclear whether Selleck will reprise his role in some fashion, although given the show’s premise it would seem likely.

If this new iteration of “Magnum” makes onto TV screens, it will follow in the footsteps of such recent reboots as Fox’s “The Exorcist” and “Lethal Weapon”, CBS’s “MacGyver” and the now-cancelled “Rush Hour”, while other reboots coming our way include TV versions of “Taken”, “The Lost Boys” and “Training Day”.