Hello! Welcome to another installment of This Week In Music Videos, the weekly ET Canada blog feature where we hide subliminal messages from our sponsors BUY KELLOGG’S PRODUCTS showcase the biggest, boldest and brightest music videos that have tumbled out into the world over the past seven days.

(Well, aside from the ones we have featured in our daily coverage. On the off-chance you missed it, we’ve profiled new clips from Robin Thicke, Tim McGraw and Santana’s soccer loving mustache in our day-to-day blog posts.)

Let’s hop to it, shall we?

Maroon 5 – Maps (NSFW Language) Adam Levine is acting SO HARD in this promo. HE WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE ACTING YOU HANDLE! MAXIMUM ACTING! There’s even a bit where he’s being held back by an EMT dude to crank up the melodrama dial 8-12 notches. It’s a bit like watching a human version of Calculon from Futurama“Oh, fate most cruel, would that my boundless acting skills would avail mе a sword with which to slay this wretched curse.”;

Kiesza – Giant In My Heart It was almost as if Kiesza materialized from sparkly air when “Hideaway”; blew up, eh? (Does Calgary have sparkly house-glazed air that’s popular in Europe?) In the clip for her follow-up tune, there’s lots of emotional highs and lows (sad-dude-on-a-bus alert!) as well as backup dancers wearing RECORD MITTENS! That’s certainly a great way to stand out when you’re competing with Kiesza taking centre stage with some exciting Street Fighter II kick-heavy choreography.

The Saturdays – What Are You Waiting For? The Saturdays are back! That’s certainly some welcome, sunkissed pop news. “What Are You Waiting For?”; is one of those videos that works hard to assure the viewer “don’t worry, attractive people with money are still having fun in exotic locales.”; Comforting!

Little Dragon – Pretty Girls Zombies have been done to flesh-consuming death, but it’s still nice to see a pageant-themed video every once in a while. Even with the heavy artillery and undead in the mix, the pageant in the new Little Dragon video (a sequel to the promo for “Klapp Klapp”;) is still way less unsettling than anything you’ve seen on Toddlers & Tiaras.

Lily Allen – URL Badman (NSFW Language) C’mon Lily, not all music bloggers live in their mom’s basements… Some of us live with six roommates in a shared basement apartment with mattresses stuffed with neckbeard shavings.

August Alsina featuring Rick Ross – Benediction (NSFW Language) Currently 2014’s frontrunner for the Best Attempt To Overcome Product Placement Blurring In A Video crown.

The Madden Brothers – We Are Done “WHAT I’M SAYIN’ IS THIS IS THE ANTHEM! THROW YOUR MOM’S HANDS UP!”; *Shapes goes absolutely buckwild*

That wraps things up for this week’s installment of TWIMV, but we’ll be back next week with another carefully curated set of clips.

Play us out, Dennis Madalone!