Kevin Hart Talks Kanye West In Playboy: ‘I Really Believe He’s Misunderstood’

While Kevin Hart may no longer be pro-Trump, the comedian is certainly Team Kanye.

Speaking with Playboy for the magazine’s “Renegades of 2016” October issue, which features singer Sky Ferreira as the cover star, the 37-year-old comedian gives his unfiltered opinion on some of the most controversial celebrities of today.

Though Hart once praised Trump on the “Woodman in the Morning Show” for “trying to put his actions behind the words” and “following a dream,” the actor and producer seems to have differing thoughts this time round about the GOP presidential candidate.

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He tells the magazine, “…I have no ill will toward him or his campaign, but I’m a ‘people’ person. I love the idea of people coming closer together. My whole job is to unite people. You go to my shows, there’s all races there. So the idea of separating and segregating and dividing because of what someone believes in, that’s something I could never get behind.”

Hart also commented on “Famous” rapper Kanye West, saying, “You can say what you want about Kanye and his approach, but the passing behind what he’s fighting for is real, and I really believe he’s misunderstood because of his passion. He’s a monumental talent.”



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