Katy Perry Opens Up About Upcoming New Album

Katy Perry’s recent footwear launch saw the “Rise” singer open up about her upcoming new album, which just like her new shoe line, is “breeding a lot of new colour.”

With Perry’s fourth studio album rumoured to be hitting shelves very soon, the singer is letting fans in on her process. “Last night I was in the studio, I’m just deep in the writing process,” she revealed to Oh No They Didn’t. “It takes a bit of time for me because I have to have those experiences and then write about them. I have to digest what I’m seeing and recycle it and give my perspective on it.”

This time around, Perry’s broadening her network of collaborators, which she says has produced a whole new sound. “I’m working with a lot of unexpected writers and producers and … that’s bringing out a lot of different things sonically. Even when I was working with my go-to producers, I’d always push them to play me a beat that was reserved for Three 6 Mafia or something like that.”

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“I’m putting myself in unexpected situations and that is breeding a lot of new colour,” she continued.

And with Perry garnering increased attention thanks to her relationship with Orlando Bloom, the songstress revealed that she remains sane by visiting her therapist regularly. “I go to therapy, I don’t get excessive on the substance … it’s difficult in this industry, you’re holding on for dear life. You feel like you’re riding a rocket and now I’m not holding on for dear life … now I’m surfing,” she added. “I’m feeling good.”



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