Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Isaiah Washington Urges African-Americans To Stay Home From Work To Protest Police Shootings Of Black Men

Following several high-profile incidents in which black men have been fatally shot by police officers, actor Isaiah Washington is urging African-Americans to protest these killings by boycotting their own jobs.

In a Facebook post, the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star puts forward the idea of a mass strike, writing: “Imagine if every single African-American in the United States that was really fed up with being angry, sad and disgusted, would pick ONE DAY to simply ‘stay at home’ from every single job, work site, sports arena and government office in the United States of America.”

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He adds” “I’m sure that within 72 hours from Wall Street to the NFL… Black Lives Would Matter.”

Washington even picked a day: this coming Monday, Sept. 26, and created the hashtag #StayAtHomeSeptember262016.

Washington’s idea is apparently resonating with people, and is picking up steam on Twitter as people retweet his words and announce they won’t be coming into work on Monday:





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