AnnaLynne McCord On Overcoming Emotional Scars After Being Raped: I Sold My Body To Feel Some Love

Two years after revealing to Cosmopolitan that she had been raped, AnnaLynne McCord is opening up about her sexual assault once more.

“The Night Shift” actress attended The Rape Foundation’s Annual Brunch on Sunday, where she reminded attendees of her lasting scars. “Someone makes one decision one night, and it changes the rest of your life. You don’t forget,” she said at the Beverly Hills event.

The assault, she admits, left her riddled with self-esteem issues. “I often say, ‘I didn’t sell my body for money but I did sell it to feel some feeling of love,'” McCord revealed. “Because that’s what we need. We’re all the same, we want to be loved.”

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Since opening up with Cosmo in 2014, the actress has received “thousands” of letters from victims, thanking her for having the courage to speak. “Eighty percent of them have told me for the very first time – a complete stranger, someone they don’t even know, a random actress in Los Angeles – because I said ‘Hey, I was raped too and it’s okay,’ ” the star shared. “And the ‘it’s okay’ part is the most crucial part.”

In the hopes of raising awareness, McCord has now made it her mission to promote consensual sex by writing and directing a short film, titled “I Choose”, which juxtaposes the story of a man and a woman alongside the tale of a young girl being sold into slavery.

Today, McCord is happy to share that she’s come to terms with the shocking incident. “I’m thankful to report that I love myself now, I think she’s wonderful. But it’s taken me a long time,” she says. “I’m just very thankful that The Rape Foundation creates an opportunity for survivors like myself to experience love – experience what I didn’t have in silence for nine years before finally coming out about it.”



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