Chelsea Handler Will Never Have Donald Trump On Her Show

Since moving to Netflix from network TV, Chelsea Handler has found freedom on her talk show “Chelsea” where she can discuss topics on her own terms. And with season two returning in 2017, she promises more hilarious conversations with A-list guests.

“I’m able to have a fun show,” Handler tells ET Canada. “I’m able to talk about politics or science and have celebrities on,” she explains.

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Kevin Hart, Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea has run the gauntlet of Hollywood’s hottest stars, but she’s still got a couple in her sights.

“My dream guests? The Obamas,” she tells us. “I would love to interview Michelle and Barack, but separately, I don’t want them together.”

Just as you would expect, only Chelsea can validate the reasoning behind it: “Barack, because I’m romantically interested in him and Michelle because I’d like to know about her fitness regimen.”

Unfortunately, her invitation does not apply to a certain presidential nominee.

“I would never have Donald Trump on my stage!” Handler proclaims. Adding, that if Trump does, in fact make it into the White House, she “would probably move to Canada.”

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But hey, that might not be such a bad idea, considering one of our very own is on her “to interview” list.

“I would love to interview Justin Trudeau,” Handler tells us. “First of all he’s good looking and he’s young,



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