Britney Spears Talks Backstage Craziness In New BBC Radio 1 Interview

Britney Spears has been getting rave reviews from the British press for her Apple Music Festival set in London, but she admits that things got a little “Crazy” behind the scenes.

The pop icon dropped by the U.K.’s BBC Radio 1 to discuss her high-energy performance, and the equally hectic atmosphere backstage.

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“I have a team of people around me and I just kind of stand there,” the singer revealed of her speedy costume-changing process. “We were actually a little slow last night considering what we usually do [In Las Vegas]. But there was a couple of times where I came on just as I was singing. It was really kind of scary, but we did it!”

In fact, the backstage changing space can get so cramped at times, Spears admits she’s had some close calls with her crew – but not on purpose, of course!

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“Sometimes I’ve accidentally hit them in the face,” she laughed. “You don’t apologize, you just keep going. I’m just like, ‘I’m a beautiful mess right now!'”



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