In the six years since Twilight made them two of the most recognizable people on the planet, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have made radically different career choices. Whereas Pattinson has used his Twilight fame to land roles in challenging low budget art house films from internationally acclaimed directors (Cosmopolis, Rover, Maps to the Stars, Queen of the Desert), Stewart has used her fame to star in a blockbuster even more expensive than any of the Twilight films—Snow White and the Huntsman (price tag: $170 million).

Of the two actors, Pattinson seems to have fared the best. Once regarded as a teen idol with limited acting range, Pattinson has now proven that he can hold his own with acting heavy weights such as Guy Pearce, Juliette Binoche, and Julianne Moore. On the other hand, Snow White and the Huntsman seems to have done little to further Stewart’s career. Although the movie performed respectably at the box office, it’s high price tag meant that it barely broke even, and it’s not clear at this point whether Stewart will be back for the sequel (or, indeed, if a sequel will even be made).

With Clouds of Sils Maria, Stewart seems to be taking a cue from her Twilight co-star’s playbook. The film is directed by acclaimed French filmmaker Olivier Assays (Carlos), and co-stars one of Pattinson’s Cosmopolis acting partners, Juliette Binoche. According to the reviews coming out of Cannes, Stewart not only holds her own with Binoche, but also delivers a performance that could land her some Best Supporting Actress Oscar buzz. Variety even went so far as to call Stewart “the most compellingly watchable American actress of her generation”; based mostly on her performance in Clouds.

The new trailer mostly focuses on Binoche’s character, but it does offer a few brief glimpses of Stewart in action. No release date has been officially set, but it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to catch the movie in theatres at some point during the Sept-Dec awards season.