Mark Wahlberg On His Early-Morning Workout Regimen: ‘I Do More Before 9 O’Clock Than Most People Do In A Day’

In an exclusive interview, Mark Wahlberg opens up to “ES Magazine” about his emotional return to Boston to film “Patriots Day”, and reveals that maintaining his ripped, muscular physique requires doesn’t come easily, requiring hours in the gym each day.

As Wahlberg explains, filming “Patriots Day” — dramatizing the deadly terrorist bombing that took place during the 2013 Boston Marathon — in his hometown was as an emotional experience. “Everybody knows somebody who was directly affected, and it was tough. It was in my own backyard.”

Wahlberg also divulges the secret to his impressive physique, and it sure isn’t easy. “I woke at 4 a.m., made myself breakfast — egg whites, Ezekiel [sprouted grain] bread with butter and sliced avocado — then I was in the gym for 50 minutes,” he explains of his daily exercise regimen, which consists of more exercise, totaling five hours a day. “I do more before 9 o’clock than most people do in a day.”

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For his role in the upcoming “Transformers: The Last Knight”, Wahlberg reveals that he’s following a strict diet ­— and it’s brutal. “[My family] had Chinese yesterday, teriyaki chicken and steak. I just sat there smelling [their food] for 45 minutes.”

As for why he continues to be one of the biggest box office draws in the world, Wahlberg chalks up his success to giving his all for every role. “If I’m not as prepared as I could be and don’t give it 110 per cent, and then the movie doesn’t work out, I’m going to feel bad,” he admits. “I give it my all and it doesn’t work out then I don’t have to feel bad because I knew I put it all out there. It’s frustrating when somebody comes in and doesn’t know their lines — and they’re being paid.”

You can read more in the latest issue of ES Magazine.





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