‘Will & Grace’ Star Hoping For A ‘Naughty’ Reunion Series On Netflix, ‘Where Nothing Is Held Back’

Fans of “Will & Grace” got an unexpected surprise when the cast and creators of the groundbreaking sitcom reunited for a 10-minute reunion video aimed at getting voters to the polls for the upcoming U.S. presidential election, and star Debra Messing admits that being together with her former cast-mates has given her the reunion bug.

“The response has been very overwhelming and really, really heartwarming,” Messing told People. “If there was a ‘Will & Grace 2.0’, my wish is that we did 10 [episodes] on, like, Netflix or Amazon or somewhere where it could be the naughty version of ‘Will & Grace’.”

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She added: “Because you know we were on network television and there were certain lines of common storytelling that we were limited to so it would be fun to kind of go into that world where nothing is held back.”

It’s a sentiment shared by co-star Megan Mullally: “I feel great about [the possibility of extending the series],” she said. “Anything’s possible!”

Eric McCormack, who played Will to Messing’s Grace, admits he recognized from the get-go “that there would be a lot of expectation,” but is taking a more cautious attitude.

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“This was the best we could muster right now, just putting all of our talents to great use before this election,” he said of the cast managing to co-ordinate their hectic schedules to create the video. “I know a lot of people thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s all coming back, it’s starting again,’ but this is what we got today.”

But would McCormack be down for a reunion series? “Never say never,” he admits. “We’d all be interested to get that call, I think.”

In the meantime, McCormack is preparing for the debut of his upcoming Showcase series “Travelers”, and spoke to ET Canada about the Vancouver-shot sci-fi series.



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