Cyndi Lauper, Pamela Anderson Voice Opinions Over Montreal’s Pit Bull Ban

Known for her hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, ’80s icon Cyndi Lauper isn’t smiling about a new law passed in Montreal.

On September 27 Montreal city council voted in favour of a new bylaw banning “pit bull type dogs.” Similar to Ontario’s BSL or “breed specific legislation” enacted in 2005, the bylaw prohibits people from owning dogs that vaguely fit the description of a “pit bull breed.”

The bylaw, which has prompted international outcry, imposes a series of rules for Montreal residents who already own dogs in an effort to keep dog related injuries down.

Dogs already living in the city will need to acquire a special permit, be sterilized and microchipped before March 2017. When out in public, dogs will be forced to be muzzled, no matter the temperature restrictions and kept on a 4-foot leash.

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And it seems Hollywood is sounding off, with Lauper penning a post on her Facebook page urging fans to sign a petition looking to overturn the decision.

“Such a sad day Montreal,” the singer writes. “It’s not the dog, it’s who is training and often mistreating them that should be banned. Thousands of shelter dogs now stand to be euthanized and also pulled out of their homes.”

We reached out to actress and Canadian animal rights activist Pamela Anderson, who responded by saying she agrees with PETA’s stance on the issue, saying “it is a complicated and heart wrenching issue.”

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Lauper brings to light the devastating consequences breed specific legislation brings about, in that the only sure thing about by the bylaw will be the removal of great family pets from homes based solely on what they look like.

For pit bull type dogs residing in shelters, the bylaw will make them unadoptable. The Montreal SPCA has already released statements saying they refuse to euthanize healthy dogs no matter their breed and have filed a lawsuit against the city over the ban.

Comedian and founder of the Stand Up For Pitts Foundation, Rebecca Corry, shared a response she received from the Montreal SPCA regarding the bylaw and current dogs up for adoption.

Viewers can find information or speak out on the issue on the Montreal SPCA’s website.

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