Post Tribal: The ET Canada ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Podcast – Episode 2: Mari

Ah, and just like that it was game over for Mari, Survivor’s video game gal, who got outplayed by the cool kids. It was a good ol’ fashioned tribal council scramble when Michelle lured Hannah over to the popular table and convinced her to write her name down. Earlier, Michelle was key in getting both Will and Michaela (with the help of Jay), to jump ship and abandon their plan to oust one half of the Triforce showmance made up of Figgy and Taylor. Can their newfound love survive? Only time will tell… but if Michaela, Zeke, Jay, or Adam have anything to do with it, it’s probably a no.

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On the Gen-X tribe, David’s fate completely shifted when he found this season’s first hidden immunity idol stashed away in a coconut! How cool was that? It helped solidify his already-strong relationship with Ken-doll who later lured Cece on their side to take down Paul’s Posse. Meanwhile, Paul went from “breathing control” to being completely helpless when a medical emergency brought him down. Dr. Joe came to the rescue and cleared him to play another day.


In this week’s instalment of Post Tribal, ET Canada’s “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” Podcast, Erin Cebula and Parvati Shallow are talking Paul’s dramatic health scare and the showmance that blossomed on the island and wreaked havoc among the millennials. Should Figgy have gone home instead of Mari? We’re two on one with Survivor’s latest cast-off and she isn’t holding back. Mari opens up about being the first millennial boot, why she thinks she was targeted, and her thoughts on Hannah switching sides at the last minute. Plus, our “Survivor” speed round is back to get our kicked-off castaways as candid as possible. Who does Mari says was the worst person to be around on the island?

Listen below:

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