Shawn Mendes And James Corden Face Off In Inter-Generational Musical Duel

Music used to be better — or at least that’s the refrain that each generation tells the next generation when griping that today’s tunes aren’t as good as they used to be in the good ol’ days.

To settle that inter-generational debate once and for all, James Corden and “Late Late Show” guest Shawn Mendes picked up microphones and challenged each other to a musical duel on Wednesday night’s show — a battle-of-the-decades “riff-off” in which the two sang snippets of their favourite songs from each era.

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“I should warn you, I’ve got hits from before you were born,” Corden quips, before the pair (with some help from a cappella group The Filharmonic) get down to business, which includes renditions of songs by the likes of Spice Girls, TLC, Sia and more. Watch:



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