It’s been one year since the tragic passing of beloved actor Cory Monteith. It’s a loss that is still felt by so many, including Cory’s father Joe.

ET Canada“s Rick Campanelli sat down with Joe in his Fredericton home for an exclusive one-on-one interview. The grieving father was incredibly candid about the pain he feels over the absence of his son.

“I still miss him very much and I still have the empty feeling inside,”; shared Joe.

Cory and Joe were estranged for a large portion of their lives, but the two began to reconnect and rebuild their relationship in the final years of the Glee star’s life. Sadly, Joe was unable to attend his son’s funeral. He says that Cory’s mom did not inform him of what the funeral plans were.

“I didn’t get to go to his viewing, which, it would have meant a lot,”; says Joe, although he does note that he has been contacted by his ex-wife since the memorial service.

When asked about what he misses the most about his late son, Joe spoke highly of Cory’s undeniably endearing presence.

“Cory was a likeable young man and if he was in the room, you’d be smiling,”; explained Joe. “He enjoyed life. That’s why I was so shocked about the outcome of everything.”;

Watch Rick Campanelli’s full interview with Joe Monteith below.

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