Stephen Colbert Says Donald Trump Is A ‘Coward’ For Not Returning To ‘The Late Show’: ‘He’s A Chicken’

Stephen Colbert would love to have Donald Trump return as a guest on “The Late Show”, but knows it probably won’t happen.

“I don’t regret the attempt,” Colbert tells former New York Times TV writer Bill Carter while appearing on his Sirius XM talk show, “The Bill Carter Interview”. “I regret that that’s probably the only bite I’m going to get at that apple. I would ask him, but it is clear that Donald Trump is a coward ‘cause he won’t come back on the show…He’s a chicken.”

In speaking with Carter — author of such books as “The Late Shift” and “The War for Late Night” — Colbert resists piling on to criticize Jimmy Fallon’s recent softball chat with Trump on “The Tonight Show”, admitting it was perfectly in character with Fallon’s show.

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“I think the host has this obligation – to be honest with their audience. And you have to go with your honest instincts. My honest instinct is to ask at least one question of some kind of substance with your guest,” says Colbert. “Every host’s responsibility is to be honest with themselves and with their audience about the kind of show that they do. So I fault no host who acts consistently and honestly. And I know what you’re talking about, but I didn’t actually see it. But I don’t entirely understand the furor about it.”

Colbert also addressed Carter’s question about why CBS didn’t hire a woman to take over “The Late Show” following David Letterman’s retirement. “No, I mean that’s a reasonable question,” says Colbert. “My guest tonight is Sam Bee on the show. And you know, we’re old friends and we’ve worked together for years, and I think she’s a great choice to host a show. And while it’s not a nightly show, it is a late-night show. And she’s killing it. So there’s no reason not to.”

You can hear the entire conversation on Monday night on “The Bill Carter Interview” on Sirius XM. Here’s a taste:

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