Canadian Radio Caller Can’t Believe Female ‘Pitch’ Character Ginny Baker Is Fictitious

Pitch” actress Kylie Bunbury managed to fool one Canadian radio caller when she failed to realise the new show was a fictional series.

Calling into the Luke Banack show on 98.1 CAM-FM on Friday, the woman expressed disappointment when the DJ failed to mention Ginny Baker’s pitching during the sports highlights. “On the sports this morning, you didn’t mention how the female pitcher did in major league baseball. She pitched last night, I thought,” the woman was adamant about sharing.

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“No, that’s a TV series,” Banack responded after a brief pause. “They’ve done a great job promoting it…I firmly believe that we will eventually see a woman in major league baseball, but just not right now. That’s just an actress.” 

Listen to the cringe-worthy call below.

Pitch” airs Thursday nights on Global TV at 9 p.m. ET.



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