Watch: Baz Luhrmann, Jaden Smith On Why ‘The Get Down’ Tough To Categorize As Movie, TV Series

Once upon a time, conventional wisdom held that TV just wasn’t as good as movies, which explored serious issues and told important stories while TV offered light, mindless frivolity.

Of course, that’s hardly the case anymore. In fact, the pendulum seems to have shifted in the other direction as television serves up such provocative, critically acclaimed fare as “The People v O.J. Simpson” and “True Detective”, while some of the biggest movies in recent years feature costumed superheroes and children’s toys.

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With this in mind, Netflix offers this fascinating look at this changing landscape via its recent series “The Get Down”, created by director Baz Luhrmann (“Moulin Rouge”, “The Great Gatsby”), which transcends the traditional notion of what either a TV show or movie is supposed to be and is something else altogether.

In this video, Luhrmann and “The Get Down” stars Jaden Smith, Jimmy Smits and Justice Smith discuss the increasingly blurred lines between movies and TV, explaining how streaming services such as Netflix allow creators to tell the stories they envision, without the traditional limitations in terms of length and format that we associated with television. Watch:



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