Lindsay Lohan Requires Surgery After Ripping Off Her Finger In Boating Accident

Lindsay Lohan suffered a nasty injury while out on the high seas, accidentally ripping off a chunk of her ring finger while trying to pull up the anchor during a boat trip.

Lohan shared some video of her injury on Snapchat, which she posted on Instagram — and then quickly deleted, reports TMZ, which managed to preserve a copy of the vid before it was yanked.


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“Lindsay was enjoying Sunday in the ocean off Turkey when she tried pulling up the boat anchor and became entangled in it,” reports TMZ, nothing that the anchor pulled her down in the water and, as she struggled to untangle herself, sliced off the tip of her finger.

“Her friends went on the hunt and found the detached digit on the deck of the boat,” adds TMZ. “They rushed LiLo to an ER, where a plastic surgeon reattached it.”

TMZ also obtained some gruesome photos of the gashed finger before it was surgically attached, right here.



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