Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Offers His Assessment Of Donald Trump: ‘A Complete F***ing Nightmare’

With a few exceptions (i.e. Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty”), entertainers are nearly unanimous in their opposition to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

We can count Win Butler among the anti-Trump camp, with the Arcade Fire front man offering a terse assessment of the Republican nominee during a Montreal Q&A session for Red Bull Music Academy.

Trump, says Butler in the nearly two-hour interview (as reported by Rolling Stone), is a “complete f***ing nightmare and a clown and a joke.”

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“It really is an extremely important election,” he adds, “Everyone register because it could not be heavier. The consequences could not be more dire… There’s a lot of kids that will not have access to health care and to education. There’s, like, millions and millions and millions of people whose lives will — the practical day-to-day of their lives will — be extremely shaped.”

You can watch the interview in its entirety right here:



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