Jennifer Garner Goofs Around With Paparazzi, Says She’s Dating Brad Pitt

Imagine you and some friends are exiting the gym after a workout when you’re besieged by a gaggle of paparazzi, filming you while asking questions about your personal life.

Celebrities have taken different approaches to dealing with pesky paparazzi, from the Sean Penn tactic of beating them to a pulp to the more acceptable strategy of walking really fast and getting into your car while pretending you can’t hear their questions.

Jennifer Garner, however, offers another option: a joking lie.

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That’s just what she did when she leans toward the photographer chasing her down and says, “Brad and I are dating.”

Wait, what? “Brad, uh, Pitt?” asks the shutterbug.

“Yeah, isn’t that great?” she declares, walking really fast and getting into her car before any more questions can be asked. Watch:



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