Watch: Britney Spears Confesses She Would ‘Snog’ Justin Bieber

Britney Spears is spilling some serious tea on the British talk show “Loose Women”. In an impromptu round of “Snog, Marry, Avoid” Spears was put on the spot and asked to reveal who she would kiss, marry, or avoid altogether out of fellow celebrities Madonna, Justin Bieber and Simon Cowell.

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At first, Spears played coy, but eventually revealed she would Snog Canadian-born crooner Justin Bieber. When asked who she would marry she hilariously replied “None” and admitted she would avoid the rest. Madonna and Cowell shouldn’t feel too bad though. This is not a huge surprise coming from the Pop Princess.Back in August Britney revealed she did not see marriage in her future again on an episode of “Carpool Karaoke“.

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Spears hasn’t given up all hope though when it comes to dating – while making it clear on the show she is “happily single,” she says is definitely interested in younger men when asked who her dream date would be. “This morning, for instance, this guy came and he was, like, my waiter, and I was like, ‘Oh, my god! You’re adorable!’ He was so cute. “I like spur of the moment things. I don’t like it to be so planned.” Spears has been keeping  busy promoting her ninth studio album “Glory”, and continuing her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood.

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