Remigio Pereira Says He Received Death Threats After Altering The Lyrics To ‘O Canada’

It has been months since Remigio Pereira has spoken with his former group members of The Tenors, but now, he’s finally speaking out.

The Boston-born, Ottawa-raised vocalist, who faced an onslaught of media backlash after changing the lyrics to “O Canada” and holding up an “All Lives Matter” sign during an MLB All-Star Game in San Diego in July this year, spoke exclusively with ET Canada about his harrowing decision that has made him fear for his life.

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Speaking of the shocking death threats he has received, Remigio, who was later kicked out of the group for his actions, says, “There were people that were wishing I could have my neck wrapped around a noose. People wanting to harm.” He adds that people insulted his family, calling his mother names, like a “wh***”.

Defending his actions in the moment, he says, “People need to be aware. We need to bond together – all creeds, all races. The system is flawed.” He goes on, “To me, life is more important than money. I didn’t think it would stop the band from being a unit, you know?”

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While Pereira later apologized, this moment has continued to define his career. “Clifton mentioned he wanted me out of the band,” he recalls. “[He said] I want you gone, man. I want you out.” Though Pereira is still a business owner, he says, “[The band’s] lawyers are making proposals to get me out.”



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