Benedict Cumberbatch Is Tired Of Being The Internet’s Boyfriend

That’s right Cumberb**ches, Benedict is tired of being your go-to guy (which is really too bad, considering his latest cover is smouldering).

Sharing his dream of one day not being involved in a viral meme in the new issue of Vanity Fair the 40-year-old “Doctor Strange” star says he understands the appeal.

“I’m glad I’m bringing a ray of sunshine to an otherwise dull day, being imagined eating fritters shirtless,” Cumberbatch reveals. “I don’t know, it makes me giggle.”

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Unfortunately, some fans can go too far with the hilarious memes.

“There are people who believe that my wife is a P.R. stunt and my child is a P.R. stunt,” the actor reveals. “I think really it’s to do with the idea that the ‘Internet’s boyfriend’ can’t actually belong to anyone else but the Internet,” he adds.

Continuing on, the actor brings the truth hammer down on his fans: “It’s impossible he belongs to anyone but me. And that’s what stalking is. That’s what obsessive, deluded, really scary behaviour is.”

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Cumberbatch also goes into detail about how becoming a father has changed him saying, “having a baby – it’s massive.”

“And on a very unexpected level. Suddenly I understood my parents much more profoundly than I ever had before.” Fatherhood has helped in other ways, too. “I was expecting, with Hamlet, that it might be a hindrance to be a father, because it’s all about being a son. But it’s the opposite. You understand much more about being a son, becoming a father.”

For more with the actor, check out Vanity Fair‘s November issue, on newsstands this week.



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