Olivia Newton-John Responds To ‘Grease’ Fan Theory: ‘I Think It’s Hilarious’

Olivia Newton-John is weighing-in on that “Grease” fan theory that suggests Sandy was dead all along.

“Well, I laughed,” she tells The Huffington Post. “I thought it was hilarious.”

The theory centres around Newton-John’s character Sandy, postulating that the high schooler drowned after John Travolta’s Danny failed to save her during a beach outing where the pair met as referenced in the song “Summer Nights”.  The rest of the film’s events –  Rizzo’s pregnancy and all that hand jiving – were pure fantasy, as was the flying car ending which symbolizes Danny and Sandy’s ascent into heaven.

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While “Grease” creator already Jim Jacobs debunked the theory, Newton-John is happy to hear fans are still talking about the 38-year-old musical.

“I thought it was wonderful that people were still talking about it all these years later,” she says.   “Then I thought, if that’s the case, we were the first zombie musical, and we look pretty good considering!”

It never occurred to the actress that Sandy could actually be dead.

“It’s so far from reality because that’s not what it was, but I think it’s a hilarious theory,” she adds.

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Newton-John is keeping her “Grease” memories alive with her weekly residence at the Flamingo in Las Vegas where she performs songs from the musical including “Hopelessly Devoted To You”.

“When I do my shows, there are little kids who are coming with their grandparents and they’ve just discovered the movie and it’s lovely. It’s great to know that you’re giving people pleasure like that and that they love the songs,” she says.  “The songs are fantastic.”



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