SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t witnessed which suitors were sent home after this week’s rose ceremony in “The Bachelorette Canada” (0r will be watching from the West Coast, where still hasn’t aired), then look out because spoilers are coming.













Episode four finds Jasmine and the remaining dudes in Montreal, where tensions between two of the men take centre stage as the rivalry between Chris and Drew bubbles over to the boiling point.

Things are triggered with the card for the week’s one-on-one date, with Drew reading the name on the card: “Chris,” he declares. While Chris beamed at the prospect of having Jas all to himself, Drew dropped a bombshell — Psych! He was just kidding, the name on the card is actually Mikhel!

“Drew needs to pick on people to set himself up in that superior situation,” gripes Chris after being punked. “It’s very frustrating.”

Chris may be frustrated, but Mikhel sure isn’t. His solo date with Jasmine could not have gone better, winding up with a steamy hot-tub make-out session in a romantic setting, with Jas declaring that she “loved every second” of their date, while Mikhel reveals there’s “a very real possibility that I’m falling in love with Jasmine.”  Jas presents him with a pre-ceremony rose.

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Then it was group date time, with “Dateless Dave” finally breaking his losing streak by earning an invite along with some other men to the Cirque du Soleil studios, where they learn some circus moves to perform for Jasmine, with the winner earning a one-on-one date. The winner: not Andrew, who Jasmine admits looks like “a big man-baby” while jumping on a bed-shaped trampoline. In fact, the victor was Montreal native Benoit, who also scores some major points on his solo date. “He makes me feel really desired by him,” gushes Jasmine.

After a group-date football game that, shockingly, saw Chris’s team win and Drew’s team lose, Chris made a risky gambit. “Jasmine needs to know that Drew is treating other people like garbage,” he says, deciding he needs to throw Drew under the bus by ratting out his boorish behaviour to the Bachelorette herself.

Cornering Jas for some alone time, Chris begins by admitting, “This is not easy to bring up,” and asks Jas that, if there was a person did not act the same behind her back as he does to her face, would she want to know about it? You bet she would!

“This person,” added Chris, “I’ve heard him say some pretty nasty things,” putting all his cards on the table by saying: “I would say beware of Drew,” and outlined Drew’s cruel joke as evidence. For Jas, this is “a huge red flag. I can’t be with someone who’s mean-spirited or picks on people.”

First, however, she needs to hear Drew’s side of the story, and he does some serious tap-dancing to make it all seem like the prank was in good fun, even claiming he felt bad about it afterwards.

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Behind her back, however, Drew is seething. “He truly is not a man,” says Drew of Chris, dissing him for a “b***h move, going crying to the girl”

Drew isn’t the only one who wasn’t cool with Drew’s tattling, and Kevin W. admits that Chris “kind of crossed the boundaries… kind of uncalled for.”

Meanwhile, Jasmin is now “confused and uncertain of who to believe,” admitting: “Everything that I thought up to this point has been shaken. Are these guys all different with me than they are at the house?” As a result, she decides to cancel the cocktail party, declaring she won’t see any of the men until the rose ceremony.

It’s a this point that Chris realizes he may have made a huge mistake, realizing he likely would have received an early rose, but his plan “probably backfired.”

“I have had an amazing week with you guys, but this week has also proven to be very difficult and confusing for me, especially given last night’s circumstances, and I have some very difficult decisions to make tonight,” says Jasmine before she hands out this week’s roses.

When it was all over, three men went home without roses: “Dateless Dave”, who crumbles when he learned he was going home, dropping to his knees in shocked dismay; Kyle, who sees the silver lining in that he can now go home and spend time with his beloved cats; and Andrew, who laments that Jas never got the chance to experience “the many layers of Andrew.”

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Jasmine and the remaining men will be heading to Quebec City next week, where Jasmine’s doubts about some of the men continue to grow.

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