Report: Father Of ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Demands Agents Pay $100K In Cash To Represent Child Star

“Stranger Things” became the hottest TV show of summer 2016, and the father of one of the show’s young stars is looking to cash in on this success in an unorthodox way.

According to The Hollywood Reporterthe father of 12-year-old British actress Millie Bobby Brown (who played paranormal Eleven on the Netflix thriller) has been demanding cash up front from agents looking to represent his daughter, who is now one of Hollywood’s most sought-after young actors.

“Sources at five separate agencies tell The Hollywood Reporter the elder Brown, who goes by Bobby, made it clear in conversations with them that a sizeable cash payment would be necessary for Millie to sign with that agency,” reports THR. “Two sources say the number floated by Brown was $100,000 up front.”

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While the request isn’t illegal, THR notes that it is “raising eyebrows among even the most seasoned agents,” with one agency source calling the move “completely unorthodox,” while another agency veteran says that an up-front payout from an agent to a star “would open a Pandora’s box… and we just would never go there.”

A rep for the Browns confirmed that Brown had made the requests, but chalked it up to a cultural misunderstanding. According to the rep, Brown received “ill advice from someone outside the industry that was said in jest.” The actress’s manager, Melanie Greene at Affirmative Entertainment, was apparently unaware of the actions of her client’s father.




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