Dwayne Johnson Provides Commentary For His First WWF Match — And It’s Hilarious!

While he’s no Mean Gene Okerlund or Gorilla Monsoon, had The Rock not gone on to Hollywood superstardom he might have had a rewarding career as a WWE ring announcer.

Dwayne Johnson demonstrated that on his new YouTube channel for a new bit called “The Rock Reacts,” and for the inaugural video his team dug up his very first match in what was then the WWF, a major melee that also features Gold Dust and wrestling icon Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

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It’s a hoot to watch Johnson goof on his younger self, when he was known as Rocky Maivia and had hair like “a f***ing Chia Pet.” And although Johnson serves up numerous self-deprecating zingers, it’s tough to top his reaction to his coif from 20 years ago. “Holy s***, look at that hair!” he marvels.

Yet despite the unfortunate haircut, something magical happened during that match. “Twenty-two thousand people did something in this moment that defined my career and literally changed my life in one night, and it’s something you can’t write,” Johnson recalls. “And that thing that they did was 22,000 people started chanting my name.” Watch:



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