Why Prince George Is Always Wearing Shorts

Have you ever wondered why Prince George is always wearing shorts?

While Royal onlookers can’t get enough of the future King’s undeniably cute outfits, one has to wonder why the youngster is always sporting a chic pair of shorts while his mother, father and sister Charlotte are spotted in far more formal looks.

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Most recently, the three-year-old Royal stepped onto Canadian soil wearing a navy pair of shorts, baby blue sweater and a coordinating button-down shirt, but the rest of his family dressed to the nines for their walk off the plane.

Keystone Press
Keystone Press

It appears that George’s penchant for shorts relates back to British aristocratic traditions, says etiquette expert William Hanson (via Mashable). “The reason is predominantly to do with social class because everything in British society is to do with social class,” he explained. “If you look back at old paintings of children from aristocratic paintings, you see little boys aged two and under dressed as girls, wearing gowns and dresses.”

Hanson continued, saying that “from the late 18th century, it just became the thing to put young boys in shorts… trousers were something to be worn by men, and little boys would be put in shorts.”

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But Hanson makes it clear that the practice “has a little to do with the snob factor. A lot of mothers want their little boys to dress like little boys rather than like men.”

According to Hanson, dressing boys in trousers is considered to be a “suburban practice” and “the royal family is not suburban.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s ‘common;’ it’s just a different set of values,” he concluded.



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