Hugh Jackman Reveals ‘Wolverine 3’ Title, Ryan Reynolds Steals His Thunder

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hugh Jackman teased that fans would be seeing news about his then untitled third installment of the “Wolverine” franchise and the actor did not disappoint.

Jackman took to Twitter, along with the film’s director James Mangold to release the film’s poster and release date.

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The tweeted poster is rife with hints as to what fans can expect from Jackman’s rumoured final stint as the mutant.

The film is called “Logan” not “Old Man Logan” or “Wolverine 3” or “Wolverine: Weapon X” as previously speculated. Clearly shown is Logan’s hand, which looks a little worse for wear with Wolverine’s adamantium claws visible. But it’s one detail that has more theories churning and one rather famous fan stealing Jackman’s social media thunder.

Ryan Reynolds got fans in a tizzy after he tweeted the identity of the child’s hand holding Logan’s in the poster.

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Doubtful, but hilarious.

While details of the film are being kept under lock and key, many fans believe the hand belongs to X-23 or Wolverine’s female clone.  This would fit with other speculation that the main inspiration behind the film is Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s “Old Man Logan” story.

So what do you think? Who does that tiny hand belong to?



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